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Sun Peaks, CA
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The Holmdel Ski Club is a friendly ski club based in Monmouth County, New Jersey that consists of 400+ members of all ages including couples, singles, and families.

The Club's trips for 2018 are:

  • Sugarloaf, Maine: Our traditional early season bus trip on MLK weekend.
  • Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada: Jan 27-Feb 3 2018; $1600; A spectacular, uncrowded 4720 acre resort in Western Canada.

This year the Club will be requesting that trip participants transfer money directly from their bank to the Club's bank rather than hoping that the USPS will deliver your letter. Each year the Club has multiple people whose checks did not make it to the Club. Beginning this year, anyone who wishes to send a physical check must mail it to the Club's treasurer, not to the trip leader. See the details in the signup section of the trip's web page.


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