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 Val Thorens, FR

 Snowmass, CO
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The Holmdel Ski Club is a friendly ski club based in New Jersey that consists of 400+ members of all ages including couples, singles, and families. Trip signup for members will begin in early May.

The Club's trips being planned for 2020 are listed below. Currently, only the Val Thorens trip is open for signup:

Unlike in previous years, there is no planned Northeast bus trip for the 2020 season. Over the past few years there have been fewer and fewer members wanting to attend our bus trips. One factor has been the recent dramatic increase in costs from our vendors, especially for lift tickets. The ski industry push for people to purchase either the Epic pass or Ikon pass has resulted in the resorts significantly reducing their discount for group lift tickets. For the 2020 season, the Executive Committee recommends that any member that wants to go on a bus trip should look at the following commercial ski trip provider https://www.banchi.com/ski-bus-packages   The Club used Banchi Outdoor Adventures to operate our prior custom bus trips, so you should have a similar high-quality experience.




PayPal recently revised its banking policies such that Clubs and organizations can no longer use the "free" consumer part of PayPal's service. Beginning immediately, all member deposits for trips must be done via check (yes, just like years ago) and mailed to the Club's Treasurer. The Club strongly encourages members to use their bank's billpay service to send trip deposits, because the outside of those envelopes have a destination barcode that automates the sorting process through the USPS system. Hand written checks have to go through a manual barcoding process that appears to increase their chances of getting lost or delayed.


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