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The Holmdel Ski Club is a friendly New Jersey based ski club that consists of 400+ members, a majority of whom are in their 50's-70's. A brief history of the club is located here.

The Holmdel Ski Club is sponsoring the following trips for 2023. Long time club members will notice that the price for 2023 trips seems high compared to prior trips. The cost for 2023 airline tickets, hotel rooms, and bus transportation has risen dramatically.

A word about the IKON PASS for the Club's 2023 trip destinations.
Both Snowmass and Sun Valley ski resorts accept the Ikon Base Plus pass or the full Ikon Pass, but they DO NOT accept the more limited and cheaper Ikon Base Pass. The Ikon Base Plus pass costs about $200 more than the Ikon Base pass and gets you 5 days of skiing at each of our two destinations. If you are considering to ski the 6th day on either of our trips ($125 for Snowmass, $85 Sun Valley), you may want to get the full Ikon Pass, which gets you 7 days at many resorts, and is currently $110 more than the Ikon Base Plus pass. Trip discounts for having your own Ikon Base Plus or full Ikon Pass is $375 on Snowmass and $440 on Sun Valley. If you already purchased the Ikon Base pass, you can log on to your account and upgrade. For more details on the two Ikon passes, go to www.ikonpass.com

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