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  • Club ByLaws: (PDF)  The ByLaws define the mission and organizational structure of the Club.
  • Ericsson (was Telcordia) Parking Documents:  34 Skiles Ave, Piscataway, NJ
    • Directions/Diagram of Parking Lot (MS Word, PDF):  Google Map Link  to the driveway to the parking lot.   Park near the Verizon building.
    • Picture of Ericsson parking lot detailing where you should park
    • Ericsson Liability Release Form: (MS Word, PDF-format) is required for each Vehicle Owner that wants to park their car at Ericsson. The Club will submit a pre-filled-out form to Ericsson on your behalf - drivers do not need to send the trip leader a paper version of this form. However, each driver does need to agree to the conditions of the form. By sending the trip leader your parked car info (make, model, year, color, license plate) you implicitly agree to the conditions of the form. If you do not agree with the conditions on the Ericsson form, then you will not be allowed to leave your car at the Ericsson facility.  Passengers do not need a form.   If you are not parking your car, then you don't need a form.  
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