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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Date: Mar 3-10, 2018
Trip Leaders: John Kelly, Len Syzmanski
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Ready for a new adventure, 21 members met at Ericsson in Piscataway. We loaded the bus and were on our way by 6:15am. After a short ride, we arrived at Newark Airport at 7:00am where check-in was easy thanks to Southwest's group check-in process. After the remaining 9 people met up with the club, we were all ready to go. Luckily there was time for food and drink before boarding.

Arriving in Denver at 11:30am Mountain Time we headed to bag claim where 4 more people met us, which meant that all were accounted for. We loaded the bus at 12:30pm and settled in for the 3.5 hour ride to Steamboat. After a short stop at City Market, the town's main supermarket, we headed to the Lodge at Steamboat where we met the remaining member of our group. The luggage was offloaded by the Lodge staff and delivered to the condos.

At 6pm the club hosted a welcome party. Light snacks and beverages were enjoyed by all. The lift tickets and food vouchers were distributed and shortly after 7pm we left to pick up our skis or have some dinner. The nearby Wild Plum deli provided sufficient food and snack opportunities (e.g., pizza, salads) for multiple group après ski parties and also for members who chose to eat in rather than go to restaurants. The accommodations at the Lodge at Steamboat was perfect for cooking your own meals.

Sunday morning we were off to the mountain. Many people took the guided tour provided by the Ambassadors to become familiar with trails and conditions. Some repeated the tour on following days, while others took advantage of the Mountain Masters tour. One of the Masters tours was so enjoyable that the group, including the tour guide, skied together for the rest of the week. We look forward to the tour guide, Ann, joining us on a trip next season, along with Frank, another member of that tour group.

Sunday night we received 6 inches of fresh powder to play in on Monday so it was great skiing. Tuesday night the club hosted a pizza fest in the leaders’ condo. We started at 5:30pm with snacks and, with some much appreciated help, we picked up a large assortment of pizzas and salads from Wild Plum. For the rest of the week, the temps stayed in the 20’s overnight and 40’s during the day. Bluebird skies and excellent grooming made for spectacular skiing conditions. The warm weather brought out the moose. Everyone was warned to stay away from moose as they are fearless and aggressive, but picture taking was still the norm. After skiing many members went to Strawberry Hot Springs, an outdoor set of pools, each a different temperature, fed by underground springs.

Friday the club hosted a clean-out-your-fridge party in the leaders’ condo. Light snacks were served.
Saturday morning luggage was placed outside the condos by 7:30am. The Lodge staff did a great job of collecting the bags and loading them on the bus, which arrived at 8:15am. We left for Denver as soon as the bus was loaded and arrived at the airport and checked in at the group counter.

It was time to say goodbye to friends who had flights back to Florida and North Carolina. We then boarded our flight to Newark at 3:50pm MT and landed at 9:30pm ET and headed to reclaim our luggage. We said our goodbyes to those who weren’t joining us for the bus ride back to Piscataway. Making great time, we were on the NJ Turnpike at 10:30pm and pulled into Ericsson at 11:15pm. We unloaded the bus, said our goodbyes with hugs and handshakes. “See you next time” was the phrase of the night.


John and Len would like to thank you all for allowing us to share your experiences.


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