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Sugarloaf, Maine

Date: January 16-19, 2009
Trip Leader: Dianne Furrer
Trip Assistant: Laura Gugliotta

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Oh - were you looking for a groomed run?The Sugarloaf trip began at the Telcordia parking lot in Piscataway on Friday, January 16 with 49 participants.  The bus was loaded and by approximately 12:45, we were on our way.  Soon after departure, the drinks and snacks started flowing.  Can you tell if this man is having a good time?Participants had a choice of beer, wine, soda, and water as well as chips, cookies, cheese, and fruit.   As darkness fell, the movies began.   One quick stop for a fast-food dinner and then we were back on the road.

We arrived at the Sugarloaf Inn around 11pm.  The front desk was ready for us with the room packets which included the lift tickets.  The group quickly unloaded and checked in, allowing us all to settle in before midnight.

I guess a sharp skidding turn would be a bad idea.The Sugarloaf Inn had a tasty hot breakfast buffet that was a great way to start the day.  Many of us gathered at breakfast to make plans for the day.  Then we headed to the ski room to gear up and take the short walk out the back deck to the SawDuster lift, just 50 feet away.  Lunch and dinner were served at the Shipyard Brew Haus restaurant/pub, which is located in the Sugarloaf Inn – how convenient.

The first day of skiing was a tad challenging since the temperature was in the single digits.  Bonus – the mountain was void of crowds, never a lift line.   The morning’s complimentary mountain tour turned out to be a one-on-one experience since our club members were the only skiers that showed up.   The snow was well groomed corduroy that was hard but at least there was no ice.   The tour’s free hot cocoa was a welcome treat.

An adult lesson was offered as part of the package.  Many people, even the ski instructors in our group, took advantage of these lessons.   A few people came back early to use the health center hot tub.   Other people spent the afternoon at the Village Base area, sampling those awesome burgers and brews.  The food opportunities at Sugarloaf are quite extensive and reasonably priced.

So, you wanna talk about skiing?The assistant trip leader keeps watchful eye over her flock.The Club hosted a meet and greet Saturday evening in Dianne and Nancy's room.  Cheese and crackers, chips and dip, beer, wine, and soda were served.  Almost everyone attended, to the point where we were overflowing into the hallway!  After a couple of hours, many of the participants regrouped downstairs at the hotel’s restaurant for group dinners while others walked up to the Village Base area for dinner.   Some ventured out to the night life; some closed down the hotel bar; others hung out in their rooms, swapping stories of the ski lessons; and the last group took advantage of the quiet lounge to talk and hang out. 

Hey, all this white stuff wasn't here last night.As we went to bed on Saturday night, the news channels were humming about a blizzard that was to hit Maine.   We were all smiles – we’re stuck at a ski slope waiting for a storm.   We awoke Sunday morning to about 6” of snow and it was snowing, heavily.   All roads were closed.   Maine declared a state of emergency.   Snow Snow Everywhere.We all went skiing.   It was an awesome powder day.   The slopes were blanketed with new snow on each new run.   Eight people decided to take advantage of the Cross Country Skiing.  After a short shuttle ride, the group was outfitted with cross country gear and set out with an instructor on their new adventure.  After a couple of falls, most people caught the hang of it.  Although most returned to the mountain to downhill for the afternoon, one person enjoyed it so much that she has not been seen on a downhill slope since!    

First Tracks - White Nitro - Double Black - Do you feel lucky?Good thing I brought my fattiesThe snow continued to fall and by Monday morning, the depth was about 2 feet.  First tracks were incredible.   Knee high powder was flying as the skiers screamed with joy.  Sugarloaf is a large mountain so it took several hours before the runs became tracked.  We were incredibly lucky to be slope side during this blizzard.

Around noonish, the members returned to the hotel, changed out of our ski stuff, had lunch at the Shipyard Brew Haus restaurant, and loaded their bags on the bus. 

A good time was had by all.The bus trip home was quiet since most people were tired and were fading into sleep.  We enjoyed some more snacks and stopped for a fast-food dinner.  Upon arrival in Piscataway, we unpacked quickly so that everyone was home for a good night’s sleep before work on Tuesday. 

Dianne and Laura would like to thank everyone for being such a great group and making it a memorable trip for all.


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